Rescue Critters' Pet First Aid for Kids Book

Rescue Critters' Pet First Aid for Kids Book
Item #2000

In unexpected emergency situations, it is useful to know how to give basic CPR, even to our pet dogs and cats.


Written in simple language, our ALL-NEW second edition Rescue Critters® Pet First Aid for Kids book serves as a quick reference for youth ages 8 and older. The book outlines basic steps, along with detailed photographs, and materials needed BEFORE you get your pet to the Veterinarian -- how to handle choking and allergic reactions, what to do for a bee sting, how to administer rescue breathing and CPR. The book also prepares the reader on what to do in situations such as bleeding, fractures, heatstroke, frostbites, poisoning, seizures, shock and upset tummy.


This 36-page book is perfect-bound in laminated soft cover and contains pages at the end for the reader to write their own notes.


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