What Customers Are Saying About Our Products

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"I use Critical Care Fluffy to teach basic first aid in my veterinary technician training. Some of my classes are conducted online as well. CCF is a great training tool and certainly well worth the price for what you can do with her.

One of my students was in a real-life situation where he saved a dog's life after it was hit by a car. What he learned in my class provided him the skills to save that dog.

I definitely recommend getting CCF for first aid training."

Johanna, Golden Acres, Syracuse, NY


"Rufus, Jerry, CeePeR and Fluffy have accompanied me on Animal Planet, CBS, KTLA, A&E, to celebrity homes, shelters, doggie day care centers, grooming schools and movie studios where I have had the pleasure of teaching the life-saving skills of Pet First-Aid & CPR. My students are always impressed with how life-like the models are and that they actually make them "breathe" if they perform the skills properly. Nothing can compare with the opportunity to practice mouth-to-snout resuscitation on one of these Rescue Critters manikins. Students leave my class feeling confident that they can help a real dog or cat in need thanks to learning on CeePeR and friends, and...many have had to actually jump to the task and did so successfully! I never teach a class without my Rescue Critters pack of manikins. They are the best teaching tool and confidence builder to help an animal who needs you!"

Denise Fleck - Sunny-dog Ink


"Rescue Critters Critical Care Jerry (CCJ) and Critical Care Fluffy (CCF) are wonderful products that Animalearn promotes through The Science Bank, our humane veterinary education products lending program (www.thesciencebank.org). Consistently borrowers are impressed with CCJ and CCF. One of our most recent borrowers was Dr Betsy Phillips, DVM. She used CCJ and CCF at the Wild West Veterinary Conference in Reno, Nevada. She said, "they helped make the CPR for Technicians Lab at the Conference a great success. The instructor for the veterinarian labs also borrowed them for his lab to update the veterinarians on what the new CPR guidelines are."


We highly recommend instructors use CCJ and CCF instead of animals in their veterinary instruction."

Katherine Lewis - Animalearn


"The Rescue Critters mannikins provide an excellent resource for enhancing veterinary education and training. We use them in our work of promoting humane alternatives and best practice teaching. Students and teachers have been very impressed with the range of mannikins available and can understand the value of extended clinical skills practice that is possible with well-designed learning tools such as these. In combination with other alternative tools and approaches such as practice on ethically-sourced animal cadavers and supervised therapeutic work with animal patients, the teaching objectives of conventional animal labs can indeed be fully met. Furthermore, by using alternatives, students are reminded that animals are not disposable tools; and they can understand that such humane methods are fully in accordance with the philosophy and true practice of veterinary medicine: primum non nocere."
Nick Jukes - Coordinator - InterNICHE


"Dear Debbra, we are so happy to receive our mannikin yesterday! Thank you for such great service!!!"

Heidi Roos and Priska Pola - Switzerland


"Debbra, just wanted to thank you for your rapid response to my needs. I was able to use our mannikins at two training events. Thank you!"

Dave Pauli - HSUS Wildlife Section


"The Rescue Critters team has been highly creative and is always concerned with correct representation of both the anatomy and the technique to be taught. The mannikins are accurate and robust and the concern for the client is obvious. Rescue Critters is highly recommended."

S. Crane, DVM - Executive Director- Western Veterinary Conference


"The teacher's job is to facilitate learning. We know that learning occurs best when it is in context and active and social. The Integration of knowledge with the learning of hands-on skills (the psychomotor domain of learning) is critical in training Veterinary technicians. Using training mannikins facilitates learning by placing the students in a realistic clinical setting where they can be both mentally and physically active while collaborating with classmates."
Dr. Karl M. Peter, DVM - Veterinary Technician Instructor, Foothill College, CA

"Thank you again for your support, it means a lot. I also wanted to thank you for making such wonderful products, teachers like us would be lost without them. Your mannikins also inhibit some using of live animals, and for that the animals thank you. Keep them coming. Thanks."
Ali Gottlieb - Four Paws Consulting, LLC


"I personally have used the Rescue Critters! brand suture arm for teaching students in the art of wound closure and have found it superior to using oranges, latex tubing, or, the worst material yet in my opinion, pig hooves from the butcher shop. As a trainer, I appreciate the fact that a company is developing models that allow us to teach technically demanding skills without having to use actual animals, and still walk away with valuable experience that can be applied to real-life situations."
S.W., Palo Alto, CA


"Critical Care Fluffy" and "Critical Care Jerry" have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for our club. The ability to practice venipuncture, intubation, CPR, and thoracentesis (wow!), has given us the opportunity to experience procedures we normally would have to wait until clinics to see (if at all). Through workshops with our fury little mannikin friends, we now have the ability to run through mock critical care cases on a "real" patient. The nursing staff and clinicians have even requested their presence for venipuncture and ventilator training!"
Amy Parkman
Second-year veterinary student
President of the Student Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Pennsylvania (UPENN)